SINCE 1989

Established in 1989, SBTT has art classes for different populations. At the studio, 2/3 of our classes serve adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (asd). The other 1/3 serves emotionally conflicted children living in a group home.

“Do You Like Peacocks?” from Mary Clay Fields on Vimeo.


Artistic Expression
We value the arts and believe in the importance of artistic expression.

Human Potential
We are committed to supporting people in becoming everything they aspire to be.

Entrepreneurial Spirit
We believe in the arts as a vocational path and in artists as entrepreneurs and creators.

We strive to do all things with compassion, dignity, and respect.

We believe in fostering community with one another.

Diversity and Inclusivity
We respect neuro-diversity and different life experiences, abilities, and forms of personal and creative expression. We seek to create an environment that is inclusive and respectful of all.


Providing studio space, materials, and guidance to adult artists with autism is at the heart of what we do. Most of the art you see on our website and at our exhibitions is created by Studio By The Tracks artists.

Our team of staff and volunteers offer personalized levels of assistance to each artist to create the artwork they envision. Artists get to create in a supportive and inclusive environment. We make room for every artist to thrive creatively and socially while remaining comfortable. The long-term relationships we have with our artists, some of whom have been artists at the Studio for 25 years and counting, demonstrate our commitment to this.

Once a piece or collection has been completed by an artist, we work to place it into viable a marketplace online and in-person. Our artists receive 60% of the sale of their artwork which we hope provides them with not only income but also a metric to show that their contribution to the art world holds recognized value. This is also one way we seek to incorporate our artists and their work into the local, regional, and national art community.

With the prevalence of autism increasing ten-fold in the past 40 years, one response has been to increase behavioral therapies and early intervention in school systems. However, after an individual leaves the school system, their access to programs that provide growth and meaningful social interactions decreases. As a result, Studio By The Tracks has seen the demand for its services surge in recent years. As a result, we have doubled the number of adults with autism we serve.

Thanks to our sponsors, donors, and funders, Studio By The Tracks is proud to be able to offer a robust arts program completely free of cost.


We partner with Glenwood, Inc., to serve children who are enrolled in residential programs for the treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders by providing their weekly art education. The students we serve, ages 6-17, have generally experienced a great deal of trauma in their young lives. Our Studio provides an important outlet for the progression of their treatment and recovery. We strive to present a welcoming, safe space for free expression, exploration of new ideas, and the nurturing of creative skills.

We deliver a unique, well-rounded art education experience to our students that presents many opportunities for cross-subject learning in history, social studies, mathematics, and the natural sciences. Our students are especially excited about our newly launched Art Garden program. Together we are growing plants that we are using to create natural, nontoxic mediums for art making. Our garden makes for a wonderful, immersive learning environment for our youth. We see the therapeutic effects that engagement with the natural world provides reflected in our students.

We are so pleased to witness the progress that our students make throughout their time with us. Not only are we honing creative skills at the Studio, but we are also developing important life skills like perseverance, patience, acceptance, collaboration, and communication that help set our students up for success.


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