“Butterfly Study #6998”
David Diodate
Print, resin, and paint on board
ITEM #: 040


David Diodate was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. He lived and worked in Atlanta, Georgia for 20 years. His current home is Birmingham, Alabama. He graduated from the University of South Florida in 1993 and majored in Art History.


Diodate is constantly doing photography of a variety subject matter that mostly is indicative to a Southern feel or place. He does selects and editing with a minimum of Photoshop work before sending out for printing. His photographic pieces are archival C Prints or engineering prints combined with found text or book text. In some pieces he incorporate old books, found objects, old photographs and tintypes along with encaustic. The new works with engineering prints are covered resin with a wax border. The resin soaks into the paper print and allows an under layer of book text to slightly come through. After two layers of resin he rubs wax onto surface along with a rough scraping and a sanding in order to give an aged patina.


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