“Georgia Magnolia”
Lisa Pruitt
Print in white mat
ITEM #: 083


Lisa Pruitt is a retired Art Educator, and primarily spent most of her years teaching in Elementary schools. She loved teaching and now has the pleasure of working from her studio in her home creating works of art that are hopefully meaningful and convey something special to the viewer.


Lisa is constantly fascinated by the intricate details and quietness of nature and inspired by it. She is a Multi-media artist who loves to try new thing, striving to communicate and express ideas through drawings and paintings. Her watercolors are usually more detailed and realistic, while through oils and acrylic and other media, she hopes to convey more of a mood, capture a moment, an attempt to represent the spirit of nature or the subject or moment in time.


As a parent of four grown children, two of whom are mentally and physically challenged adults who live at home with her, Lisa is an involved proponent of the local Special Needs community and organizations. She truly enjoys being a volunteer with Studio By The Tracks, an exceptionally wonderful organization. Her daughter, Caroline, is one of the Artists at SBTT and she would tell you her time there is her favorite part of each week.


Lisa has been accepted into and part of many juried exhibits and shows around the South, including the Moss Rock Festival, here in B’ham, and several in the Atlanta, GA and Pensacola, FL areas.


She is a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, Boston; has an undergrad degree in History/Political Science from Samford University and studied for two years at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, now part of George Washington University. She received her teaching degree through the University of South Florida.


Artist’s Instagram: @therealhoneypaint

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