“Ginko Hug”
Celeste Pfau
Mixed media on paper in a white frame
ITEM #: 133


Amparo Creative House is Celeste Amparo Pfau’s creative studio in Birmingham, Alabama. Celeste is an artist in the truest sense of the word, giving life to her ideas, and creating across mediums. Like a house that has many rooms, each art practice has an equally important purpose and function that nourishes and catalyzes the others.


Natural Spaces, whether wild or planted, are her muse and source of materials. There, Celeste gathers flowers, foliage, seeds and roots to use in a unique process. Her botanical monoprints involve the careful arrangement of ethically harvested plant matter and oil based inks. Each print, visual or wearable, is created on a manually operated etching press. Along with her fine art prints, Celeste also creates one-of-a-kind botanical sculptures and collaborates on site specific installations.


Celeste believes in the communal approach to art making. She hopes that her work can be a bridge to connect people to the natural world and to each other.


Celeste Pfau shows locally and internationally.


Artist’s Instagram: @amparocreativehouse