“On Second Thought”
Janea Lee Spillers
Acrylic on canvas in a natural maple wood floating frame
ITEM #: 123


Janea Lee Spillers is an Alabama based artist living and painting in Birmingham with her husband and pup. She’s an engineer by trade but an artist at heart, and has been painting her entire life. It’s a weird combination, but she believes that beauty is found in the weird, quirky, uniqueness of each person. If you are a dreamer, a side hustler, a lover of beauty, or an embracer of the unknown…there’s always room at the table. Welcome to Janea’s corner of the art world, she’s happy you’re here.


Though this piece is small, she was a mighty turning point in Janea’s journey as a figurative artist. ‘On Second Thought’ embodies the breath you take before deciding to nurture a healthy relationship with your body. She is a revolt on the social stigmas defining beauty, and a nod to every person on their journey to loving their wonderfully imperfect self. Painted circa October 2019 in Augusta, GA.


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