“Spring Decay”
Skyler Donaldson
Wire, bone, and other upcycled materials
ITEM #: 079


Skyler Donaldson is a Birmingham local that got her start in the creative world at a very young age, writing elaborate worlds to give myself a place to escape to. A gift for traditional art was not something this life ever gave to her, but for most of her youth she used words to fill that void. Eventually, she discovered wire and dove right into using it to craft trees that symbolized many things to her. Years would pass as she honed this talent to the point of boredom, and the tools remained in a drawer until one late night inspiration struck again – she would use my wire trees of life to tell the stories of the dead. It was an avenue she needed to explore, and Covid-19 quarantine gave her the opportunity. Now Skyler is here, using the worlds she once wrote on paper to build elaborate stories using a physical medium instead.


She included some word about this piece here: “Spring, to many, is viewed as a breath of new life. Babes are born, fields of flowers emerge, animals in torpor awaken, and the frost begins to melt into the Earth to nourish the soil. But not all are as eager to see winter wash away to the brightness of the following season. Spring Decay tells the story of the raw emotions the keeper of the underworld has each and every spring when it comes time for their love to depart their realm and travel to their original home. Looking up from the veil of gold and black they can see the pink blooms bursting from the mortal realm and the sorrow swells in their throat. No velvet words can pause time and so the departure happens as it does every single year, with hushed adoration and promises of seeing one another soon. As their hands pull away the loneliness of their reality sets, with a back turned the tears can flow. While the consistency brings ease, the thought of being in two realms is almost too much. Grief is special to each who holds in their palms, never once feeling the same twice. Not quite a gift of the love shared and not exactly a damnation to a despairing eternity. It is simply a form of love that nestles in the heart, trying to find a place to be at rest. They will meet again as the chill whistles in the wind and the life of the forest begins its slumber.”


Each and every skull and bone that are selected for Skyler’s work is ethically sourced. These animals passed naturally or were found on the road already passed on. Her hope in making this art is not to cull any animals, but to take the bones of those that have passed to the other side and tell a new story.


Artist’s Instagram: @spooky_possumess