Join us for Art From The Heart July 15th-18th, 2021!
Our biggest fundraiser of the year is here! We're excited to have you with us as we auction off hundreds of pieces of artwork from SBTT artists and other artists from around the country.

Many of the items in the auction are created by the adult artists with autism that attend our program. Each time one of our SBTT artists sells a piece of artwork, they receive a 60% commission!

All other artwork in the auction has been graciously donated by working artists around the country. And 100% of the proceeds from their donated work goes straight to our organization! We just wouldn't be where we are today without the support of these artists.

Details about the auction:

  • The LIVE AUCTION will run from 7-8pm cdt on Thursday, July 15th, 2021. The LIVE AUCTION will be a hybrid event. Sponsors and those who have signed up for our membership program will be invited to join us in-person, and everyone else will be able to participate by watching our live-stream! We will be using Facebook Live, so you will be able to watch the stream and bid along with our in-person audience in real time! We recommend watching the live stream on your laptop/desktop/tablet, and using your phone to bid through our auction platform. We’ll also post an explainer video soon that will show you exactly what to expect.
  • The SILENT AUCTION will run from 8am on Friday, July 16th until 6pm on Sunday, July 18th, 2021. The SILENT AUCTION will be completely online for everyone.
  • If you win an item: you will be asked whether you would like to pick your item up from the Studio during pick-up hours (9:30-4pm Monday thru Thursday), have it locally delivered for a $10 fee (within 10 miles of the Studio), or cover the cost of having your item shipped.
  • Have a question? Just email Katie Thompson, Director of Marketing and Partnerships, at

Already registered and need to log in?

If you’re already registered, here are three easy ways you can access the auction if you’re already registered:

  1. When you first registered, you were sent a personal, secure link to the auction. To find that, search your email or texts for “Welcome to ART FROM THE HEART. Use your secure personal link below to participate in the event,” and click on that link.
  2. Or you can visit the auction webpage and sign into your account (or create an account if you haven’t registered already).
  3. Or email and we can re-send your link!

Check out both the Live and Silent sections of the auction!

Once the auction has started you’ll be able to switch between viewing the Live Auction items and the Silent Auction items by clicking on these icons at the top of your auction page:


The “gavel” icon will show you the Live Auction items, and the “crowd” icon will show you the Silent Auction items.

$20 Donation = Advanced Viewing Tickets
Want to preview all the items in the auction? Want time to measure your walls, research artists, and plan your bidding strategy before go-time? For a donation of $20, you can receive an "advanced viewing ticket".

This ticket will allow you to see all the items we will be adding daily, so you'll a leg up on the competition (and you'll be contributing to our fundraising goal).

Here’s a list of some of the donating artists who will have work available in the auction:

    • AK Cole
    • Alex McClurg
    • Alex Smith
    • Allison Brown – website
    • Alvin “Duck” Wilson
    • Andy Jordan
    • Angela Santiago
    • Ann Perkins*
    • Anne Emack Couch – website
    • Antjuan Oden – website
    • Aram Saroyan
    • Art Horton*
    • Arthur Price
    • Ashley Streit*
    • Audrey Davis
    • Austin Thrasher*
    • Bartley Statham
    • Becky Denny – website
    • Becky Stayner
    • Betsy Marks
    • Bunny Chew
    • Byron Pickett*
    • Caren Matukas
    • Caroline Pruitt
    • Catie Radney
    • Cathy Phares – website
    • Cedric Angeles – website
    • Celeste Pfau
    • Charles Chambers
    • Charlie Simpson
    • Chiharu Roach – website
    • Chris Davis
    • Chris Hensel*
    • Chris Lawson – website
    • Christy Vinson
    • Claire Godbee
    • Claire Sammons
    • Colin Carbis
    • Conner Gayda – website
    • Dale Hogeland
    • Dan Bailey
    • Dana Lise Shavin – website
    • David Diodate – website
    • David Powell*
    • Dennis Brown*
    • Douglas Baulos
    • Elizabeth Isakson-Dado
    • Gabriel Bailey*
    • Gayle Hurley
    • Henry Hardin*
    • Herman Hatch*
    • Holly Terrell
    • Ila Faye Miller & Doug Baulos – website
    • Isaac Shapiro
    • Inés Orehuela*
    • Jason*
    • Jasper Lee
    • Jim Burnett
    • Jim Gorrie
    • Jess Marie
    • John Melville
    • John Miller*
    • Jon Faulk*
    • Joni Moore
    • Jordan Cox
    • Josh Miller
    • Julia Jones*
    • Karen Balliet
    • Ken O’Loughlin*
    • Kenneth Clark*
    • Lacey Bodily*
    • Linda Cooper*
    • Lisa L. Pruitt
    • Liz Alderman
    • Lori Shunarrah*
    • Mark Porch*
    • Martha Strawn – website
    • Mary Reed
    • Max Thompson*
    • Meg Peterson
    • Megan Wilson
    • Melissa Staiger
    • Melvin Roscoe*
    • Merrilee Challiss
    • Michael Hall*
    • Michael L. Moore*
    • Mickey Barron
    • Mickey W. Davis
    • Mike Battle
    • Monika Woody*
    • Nancy Jo Iacoi
    • Natalie Harrison – website
    • Nona B Flint Rogers – website
    • Paige Albright
    • Patricia Hefner*
    • Patton Crane*
    • Paul Cordes Wilm – website
    • Paul Ware – website
    • Pauline Ziegen – website
    • Pinky/MM Bass – website, video
    • Ramona Shaddix*
    • Rebecca Munkachy
    • Rebecca Stivender
    • Ricky Caldwell*
    • Robert “Bebo” Davis*
    • Roscoe Hall
    • Rosie Hileman
    • Ruth E. Troyanek
    • Sarah Caroline Padgett
    • Sarah Conklin (Feather Wild) – website
    • Sara Garden Armstrong – website
    • Shepard Fairey
    • Skyler Donaldson – website
    • Sol Harris*
    • Stacey Holloway
    • Stevie Eddy*
    • Susan Cresswell
    • Talia Bromstad
    • Tegan Burton Johnson
    • Tim Denny
    • Tim Kerr
    • Tom Rankin – website
    • Tom Swanston – website
    • Tres Taylor – website
    • Victoria Fraley – website
    • Will Johnson – website
    • William Gosha*
    • Xan Young*

We’ll be updating this list as we go. *Studio By The Tracks artist