SBTT Artist Residency 

Call for Applications

Beginning in Fall 2023, Studio By The Tracks’ (SBTT) will offer a paid Artist Residency opportunity. SBTT serves approximately 50 artists on the autism spectrum in and around Birmingham, AL.  Artists-in-Residence (AIRs) will work in collaboration with SBTT artists and staff to create new works and support ongoing programs. The AIR program will enrich the experience of SBTT artists while expanding SBTT’s educational and creative offerings to the community.
What SBTT will expect of the Artist-in-Residence:
  • A commitment of 120 hours over 3 months. Exact scheduling is flexible and will be agreed upon leading up to the residency period. 
  • An educational opportunity taught by the AIR to be offered free to SBTT artists, members, and community
  • Creation of new work/s or project in collaboration with or inspired by SBTT artists. 
  • A  public presentation of work created during the residency. The presentation platform is also flexible and not necessarily limited to a traditional artwork or exhibition. 
What the Artist-in-Residence can expect of SBTT:
  • A $3600 stipend
  • A budget for project development and production
  • Support to create and implement the education and presentation components of the residency
  • An amazing experience working with a talented community of neurodiverse artists
  • SBTT does not currently provide lodging or transportation. While not restricted to Alabama residents, the residency is primarily designed for artists local to the Birmingham area.
AIRs will be asked to develop a project that speaks to their artistic practice as well as the work and goals of SBTT artists. In collaboration with SBTT artists and staff, AIRs will choose the format in which they would like to create and present their work. For example, they might choose a traditional 2D format to be shown in a gallery setting or sold at an SBTT fundraiser–or they might choose a digital project or a design that can be merchandised in the SBTT online store. One public educational event, such as a workshop, and one public presentation event of works created, such as an exhibition or launch, will be required. 
AIRs will commit to a total of 120 hours over the course of those three months. The distribution of hours will be decided between the Studio and AIR with respect to schedules and project goals. However, AIRs will be required to schedule the majority of their time in the Studio concurrent with class in preference of spending dedicated time with SBTT artists. This brings fresh ideas, new energy, and added capacity to the Studio which allows SBTT to better serve more artists on the spectrum. 
Even more about SBTT and the AIR program:
Studio By The Tracks is a non-profit studio and gallery serving artists on the autism spectrum. SBTT provides a creative and social space for artists to thrive with support from staff, volunteers, and visiting artists. A commission of 60% goes to SBTT artists from the sale of artwork in SBTT’s gallery store, at fundraisers, and in its online store.
Though the time artists spend in the Studio is referred to as “class,” the core adult program at SBTT is not traditional in structure. Instead of a class in which all participants are working on the same project and being led by an instructor, each artist is creating their own individual work with the aid of studio staff. On any given day, there are as many creative journeys happening at once as there are artists in the room–each one with their own style, subject matter, and preferred mediums. In order to provide the level of assistance needed to support each artist’s creative process, SBTT staff aims to maintain a minimum 3:1 artist to instructor ratio. 
Over the course of their time at SBTT, AIRs will develop a project that speaks to their artistic practice as well as the work and goals of SBTT artists. AIRs may choose to do a project that encompasses a collaboration with one SBTT artist or multiple artists. Each residency and project will be distinct and different but will always reflect the AIR’s time at the Studio and the relationships they build with SBTT artists. 
AIR’s will have a chance to present that project in a public forum–whether it be a pop-up event, exhibition, social media campaign, fundraiser, etc. AIRs will also be asked to create an educational component of their residency that is open to the general public. While the format is somewhat open to interpretation, these will most likely be workshops held in the evening or on the weekend. These workshops, like almost all of our programs, will be offered free of charge or for a suggested donation.