Info for Donating Artists
As you may already know, we have decided to move our biggest fundraising event of the year to a completely online platform. We are asking artists like yourself to join us in our mission by donating a piece of artwork to this virtual auction. If you are unfamiliar with our mission, we are an art studio and gallery for artists with autism. You can read more about our work on our About page.

Since this will be a virtual auction, we are putting a lot of effort into presenting and promoting your work. We hope that this auction will reach a national audience and are working hard to make it our best one yet despite all the challenges this year has brought! We’re already getting art donations from across the country!

This is our year to shine. To show our community that we’re strong, adaptable, and are supported by our incredible artist community. To demonstrate our dedication to the incredible artists on the spectrum that attend our program. To give voice to the creative voices that all too often go overlooked.

We understand that many artists are asked to support organizations, and we hope to honor this by offering a few small things to express our enormous gratitude for the artists that are able to donate: 

  • A free Artist Membership for a year (which will include a 10% discount to use on any purchase from our Studio Store or online store).
  • Access to our Artist Pop-Up Sales and/or Workshops. This is a series of artist-led sales and workshops that we host at the Studio. We handle all the promotion and require no commission. These initiatives  will resume as soon as is feasible according to CDC Guidelines. We would be glad to answer any questions about them. 
  • Access to view all the Art From the Heart auction items one week before bidding starts. While the actual bidding opens at the same time for everyone, this one week window leaves our donating artists enough time to promote their donation should they choose as well as time to scope out everything for your own curiosity and planning if you intend to purchase anything from the auction. 
  • A voice on our Artist Committee. All donating artists are invited to be a part of our Artist Committee which serves as a platform to express ideas and be a part of our organization all year-round.

If you are interested in giving this year, here is some important information for you:

  • The deadline for sending donations is July 23rd. But we are grateful to anyone who sends their piece in earlier as that helps us balance our new workflow leading up to the auction.
  • The actual auction will run from August 20-22nd.
  • We have donation drop-off hours at our Studio as follows: every Monday through Thursday from 10-12pm, and every Saturday from 1-3pm. Our Studio is located at 301 20th Street S, Irondale AL 35210
  • If you will need to ship your piece, you can send it to our P.O. Box address: P.o. Box 101144, Irondale AL 35210
  • Please fill out this Artist Pledge form. This helps us know who intends to donate this year so that we make sure you’re up to date on all the details.