2020 Holiday Gift Guide
We thought we’d throw together a fool-proof list of great gift ideas! You'll find everything on this list and more at our Holiday Open House event! Let’s get started, shall we?

Starting at $35.00

Studio By The Tracks serves 45+ adult artists with autism spectrum disorders each week. And each week these artists create work that deserves a fully framed presentation – in styles that range from comical to refined, from abstracts to portraits. So you’ll be able to find a perfect fit for anyone on your list.

Don’t forget! When you buy original artwork, the artist receives a 60% commission. These are the kinds of gifts that will make anyone happy.



We can all agree: you can’t have too many masks. These will make great stocking stuffers!

These 100% cotton masks are produced by the Birmingham-based fabric artist, Celeste Amparo Pfau and feature artwork by the Studio By Tracks artist, Michael E. Moore. So you’ll be supporting TWO local artists with this one.



Mugs! These 12oz coffee mugs feature Melvin Roscoe’s “10 Commandments of Coffee” design. They’re delightful, charming, and truly unique. While everyone will love these, we think they make particularly great gifts for teachers or coworkers!

You can go ahead and buy these now.



These holiday cards are really special.  These cards were carefully crafted by the New Orleans-based letterpress company, Small Fire Press.  There are two designs illustrated by Michael Hall (a beloved SBTT artists) on full sized greeting card, and one design on business card sized gift tags.

You can purchase a pack to give as a gift or to send to loved ones this holiday season!

5. Original Un-Framed Artwork

Starting at $10.00

We have a large selection of un-framed work from our artists. So if you need a gift that’s easy to travel with or if you’re not sure about your recipient’s taste in frames, these are perfect.

The selection is huge – so you’re sure to find the right piece. And since they start off at a low price-point, you’re sure to find the right dollar amount too.

6. Aprons

Starting at $30

Everyone loves an apron! And we have a few very special ones to choose from. Whether you go with the charming “Chef’s Elf” design by Melvin Roscoe to give to your favorite kitchen assistant or the really cool denim “Houses” design by Max Thompson (pictured) for your top chef, you’ll be giving something that is guaranteed to make someone smile! Our denim aprons are also great for any artists or gardeners on your list.

7. Handmade and Hand-Glazed Serveware

Starting at $15.00

While you might have to grab one of these for yourself as well, our hand glazed dinner plates, snack bowls, and serving platters also make for special gifts. Each and everyone is totally one-of-a-kind!

This photo shows some of our dinner platters illustrated by Linda Cooper.

8. Tea Towels

Starting at $3.00 each

We have a few styles to choose from! Each feature illustrations by SBTT artist, Max Thompson. One style is an all natural, un-bleached cotton, and the other colors have been hand-dyed using all natural pigments by the Birmingham artist, Doug Baulos.

9. Holiday-Themed Handmade Ceramics

Starting at $30.00

We have been making and selling hand-made holiday ceramics for years, and we have tons of people that add to their collection each year. Of course, these are fabulous gifts, but they’re also great to buy for your own holiday tables and mantles.

10. Virtual or Physical Gift Cards

Our gift cards are available as either a Digital Gift Card (which is sent to you via email) or a Physical Gift Card (which will provide you with a digital version immediately AND you will be mailed an actual physical card). Both can be used online any time or at any of our in-person events.

So you can put together a small package that packs a big punch. And all for a great cause!

Studio By The Tracks is a studio and gallery for adult artists with autism spectrum disorders. They provide a social network and a career path that enriches their artists’ lives and betters their community. These artists receive 60% of any sale of their art works.

The Studio also serves emotionally conflicted children living in a group home by providing their art curriculum.

The Studio provides all services and materials to artists free of charge.

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